I grew up in Serbia where wine was always at the table. My father is a wine collector and I was exposed to a wonderfully broad range of wines . When I came to America I brought that interest and experience in wine with me and while working in the restaurant industry I was fortunate to cross paths with the winemakers. importers and distributors, the people of the wine world. It was in 2003 that I met Roberto Damonte, owner and winemaker of Malvira’ . Roberto’s wine’s just stood out for me; I could not find one I didn’t like. I remember tasting the 1997 Malvira’ Barbera d’ Alba Superiore and thinking to myself, I cannot be the only one in Minnesota to enjoy these wines. I have to share these wines with my friends.” So I took a left turn from a corporate career and started Domace Vino. I have made it my mission to seek out and to introduce to enthusiasts wines that are each excellent representations of their regions and their grape varietals. Whether you are one of our winemakers, one of our retail partners or just enjoy our wines at a restaurant. We appreciate the opportunity to showcase our very unique and rare wine selection.

Aleksandar Pantic