I am very excited to join the Domace Vino family. With over 18 years of experience in the restaurant business, my passion for wine stemmed first from a love of food. Working in some of the Twin Cities’ best restaurants and a wine bar in Iowa City, I was able to greatly appreciate the nuanced romance that exists between the worlds of wine and food. For me, this revelation opened a whole new world of gustatory possibilities. That I should become a wine consultant was a natural progression from my time in restaurants as my knowledge and appreciation of food and wine grew.

I learn something new about wine every day at Domace Vino, whether it is about wine itself or a particular producer. One of my favorite parts about this job is meeting with wine makers and learning of the care, expertise, and craft that goes into making each wine. Their passion for wine making is inspiring and we are proud to represent their fine work. I hope to bring the same level of passion to the Minnesota marketplace as I proudly share these winemakers’ stories and wine.